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Welcome to our Training  

This section contains information about our training courses, which are aimed at any professional with an interest in Asian communities, health and related issues.

Training Courses:

  • Cultural awareness of Asian communities
  • South Asian Communities and Health (Mental Health and Dementia)
  • Asian cultural and religious awareness in Palliative care.

How does my culture/religion approach the concept of illness, death and dying?

  • Asian religions, culture and sexuality. Marriage and extended Family dynamics, ‘age of consent’ issues, divorce and polygamy. Pre-marital and extra-marital relationships.
  • Asian teenage sexuality and the culture of confusion.
  • Drugs, alcohol, nicotine dependence and smoking in the Asian communities.
  • Why Interpreter?
  • Capacity Building
  • Asian communities Self-harm, postnatal depression domestic violence and Mental Health.
  • Roles of men and women in Islam- how are the roles.

Developed, religion, tradition and tackling the issue of equality.

  • Asian arts, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh.
  • Different types of drug use and Asian communities.
  • Islamic communities in Britain (including Muslim communities in Eastern Europe i.e. Albania, Kosovo/Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Turkey and Afghanistan).
  • Attitudes towards the physically and/or learning disabilities.

Cultural Awareness Training

Is it needed?

Asians form a major part of those who came to Britain in the wake of post-war immigration. The growth of Asian communities in Britain’s urban areas has presented professionals with a unique challenge. General lack of knowledge and understanding about their religion and cultural is often a source of tension and misunderstanding.

In today’s competitive and sensitive world it is vital that professionals working with Asians or providing services for them are equipped with awareness training in order to be effective. It can save much time and money often wasted in misdirected and unsuitable programmes. Cultural Awareness Training is of particular benefit to those wishing to promote equal their organisation.

Reference notes and certificate

Every participant is given reference notes on all the aspects covered during the session, allowing them to concentrate on the discussion and understanding of the issues rather than preparing notes. Participants also receive a certificate of attendance.

Who should attend?

Home office, Health service, Police officers, Youth workers, Welfare officers, Social workers, Race relations officers, Probations officers.

Some of the agencies for whom we have provided made-in-measure training and consultancy:

  • Pennine Care NHS Trust
  • Social Services Rochdale
  • Manchester University
  • Rochdale health care NHS trust
  • Communicare NHS trust Blackburn
  • Age concern
  • Lancashire constabulary
  • University of central Lancashire
  • The children society
  • Social services
  • Nelson & Coine College
  • Interfaith
  • Asian disability arts

In – house training

If your organisation needs to train a number of staff, an in-house programme is the most cost-effective solution. The day courses, designed to meet your specific needs, can be organised.

Cost – this will depend on the group size, number of day courses booked and duration.

If your organisation is charity registered and you don’t have training budget we will do it free.

For further information

Tel: 07515282098